favourite five: little corn island

favourite five: little corn island

This series is about my favourite five things to do in any given destination. Some are off the beaten track, some are a bit touristy, some will be difficult to replicate and some are not meant to be taken too seriously. They are what made my trip to that particular place an unforgettable experience, in no particular order.

Here’s Litte Corn Island, Nicaragua:

1 Having breakfast at the Turned Turtle, the fabulous restaurant at Little Corn Beach Bungalowphoto-1


2 Snorkelling the coral reef with Danny (the boat leaves at 9 am ‘island time’ from Carlito’s)photo-10(photo: Clint Martin)


3 Cruising to the Pearl Cays with Flaco and having a typical rondon lunchphoto-4


4 Playing Jenga all afternoon at Tranquilo, then staying for Happy Hour, dinner and the bi-weekly bonfirephoto-2


5 Fly fishing at Cocal Beach with Brandonphoto-9 (photo: Janick Millasson)

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